Sjálfboðaverkefni í Finnlandi.

AUS er með 5 verkefni á fullum EVS styrk í Finnlandi. Þar sem allt er innifalið, húsnæði, matur, tryggingar, vasapeningur tungumálakennsla, flugstyrkur og svo margt margt fleira!

Hver sem er á aldrinum 18-30 ára getur sótt um.

Lesa má um verkefnin og móttökusamtök hér að neðan.


20 February 2019

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Number of volunteers: 2

Duration: 10 months (17 Aug 2019 – 16 Jun 2020)

Location: Lehtimäki, a small village situated some 60 km away from the city of Seinäjoki in western Finland

Hosting organizations: LEHTIMÄKI Folk High School is a boarding school for students with special needs. They have about 70 students, who are young people and adults with different types of physical and mental disabilities. The school offers different study programs and rehabilitation courses such as riding therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy. Some training is aimed at increasing the occupational capacities of the people through, for example, computer literacy training.

Volunteer’s role, tasks and requirements: It is important that the volunteers have motivation to work with people with special needs as well as good social skills and an open attitude. The main task of the volunteers is to interact students with special needs and support them in the daily routines. The volunteers can also organize free-time activities for the students. Helping the kitchen staff also belongs to the tasks of the volunteers. The voluntary workplace is especially looking for volunteers who have experience with horses and stable work, as well as volunteers with a musical background. The volunteers should also be willing to work in different kinds of tasks and to live in a small village in the country side.

Accommodation: The two volunteers live in a shared apartment.


Number of volunteers: 2

Duration: 10 months (17 Aug 2019 – 16 Jun 2020)

Location: southeast part of Finland in the village of Sippola, which is part of Kouvola commune

Hosting organizations: SIPPOLA Residential School provides holistic rehabilitation, education and care for young people with fewer opportunities. In the school there are about 30 pupils aged between 15 and 18 years. Most of the pupils are also accommodated in Sippola, because they are taken into custody. Most of the children come from families with social problems and other challenges and the kids have challenges with studies, behavior and (mental) health. Sippola Residential School’s aim is to provide education and safe environment for these young people.

Volunteer’s role, tasks and requirements: The volunteer works as an assistant for the teachers and staff in providing the kids with education and care. Tasks vary from helping the teacher in the school classes, participating in the free-time activities with the youth, for example hobbies and household tasks like cooking. Work tasks vary according to volunteers skills, age and experience. Volunteer should be motivated to work with young people with difficult backgrounds and to be prepared for social tasks. The volunteers should be motivated to work with youth with difficult backgrounds and to be prepared for social tasks. Good social skills and experience on youth work or social work are of a great value. Age limit minimum 20 years.

Accommodation: Accommodation is in the project.


Number of volunteers: 2

Duration: 12 months (17 Aug 2019 – 16 Aug 2020)

Location: Vihti, a small town located some 50 kilometers away from the city of Helsinki

Hosting organizations: KISÄLLI-HARJULANMÄKI runs a workshop providing art and crafts activities for mentally disabled adults. They also run a nursing home called “Harjulanmäki”.

Volunteer’s role, tasks and requirements:  The volunteers help disabled people in their daily activities at the Kisälli arts&crafts workshop and at the Harjulanmäki home. The work includes both artistic work and practical personal assisting (for example with eating and daily hygiene). The volunteers need to have interest in creative arts&crafts work as well as motivation to work with people with special needs.

Accommodation: The two volunteers share an apartment in the Vihti village.

4. Project title:  LYHTY RY

Number of volunteers: 2

Duration: 12 months (17 Aug 2019 – 16 Aug 2020)

Location: Lyhty is situated in the Finland’s capital city Helsinki

Hosting organizations: LYHTY RY is a non-profit association which provides accommodation, educational and work activity services for adults with learning disabilities. Lyhty is an active organisation in the Finnish society, working in improving the rights of the people with learning disabilities. They arrange may cultural activities. Lyhty receives volunteers to its outdoor workshop “Lato”, “A-B-C” housing services, arts&crafts workshop “Luovilla” and housing unit “Kotikutonen”.

Volunteer’s role, tasks and requirements: The role, tasks and requirements of the volunteers vary according to their working unit. In all the units good social skills and motivation to work with people with special needs are important.

Accommodation: The volunteer lives with a host family in the Helsinki area. Flexibility and motivation to share the everyday life with host family and adapt to the family life are important.

5. Project title: MYLLYLÄHDE 

Number of volunteers: 2

Duration: 12 months (17 Aug 2019 – 16 Aug 2020)

Location: Myllylähde community is situated in the Southern Finland in the village of Hämeenkoski, with the distance of about 30 km from the city of Lahti. Myllylähde is located in a quite remote countryside surroundings surrounded by beautiful nature, forests and fields. The distance to the Hämeenkoski village center, where also the local buses run to Lahti, is about 7 km.

Hosting organizations: MYLLYLÄHDE is a village community with adults with special needs. It is a part of the international Camphill movement which was established to work and live with people who have special needs like learning disabilities. In the community all work is shared: teaching, caring, household tasks, gardening and ecological farming. In Camphill Communities the idea is that in the community life each person contributes according to his/her abilities what they can towards the well-being of their fellows. The community is based on the general Christian values and principles. The main work activities of Myllylähde are biodynamic agriculture, animal care, gardening, packing of the agriculture products and weavery and handicrafts workshops. All work is done together with adults with special needs.

Volunteer’s role, tasks and requirements: The volunteer is expected to be willing to help with all the activities of the community according to his/her personal skills and abilities. The tasks of the volunteer will be socializing and co-working with the people with special needs and supporting them in the community’s daily functions in practical tasks like cooking and cleaning. Volunteers can also introduce their own culture and language to the members of the community. Life in the community changes according to the seasons, and so do the tasks of the volunteer as well. From spring to autumn there is a lot of agricultural work tasks and in the winter time more work in the workshops. It is important that the volunteer is motivated to live in the countryside and interested to work with people with special needs. Interest in a communal way of life and nature is also helpful.

Accommodation: In the project, in one of the communal houses.

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