Hefur þér alltaf langað að búa miðsvæðis í Berlín. Vinna með börnum en aðeins í 30-35 tíma vinnuviku og eiga frí allar helgar?

Það var að losna 12 mánaða verkefni í Berlín á EVS styrk. Þar sem allt er innifalið, húsnæði, matur, tryggingar, vasapeningur tungumálakennsla, 360€ flugstyrkur og svo margt margt fleira!

Styrkurinn hefur þegar verið samþykktur og verkefnið hefst í september.

Hver sem er á aldrinum 17-30 ára getur sótt um.

Lesa má um verkefnið og móttökusamtök hér að neðan.

Kinderhaus Berlin-Mark Brandenburg e.V.

description of organization

The Kinderhaus is an umbrella association of currently 44 support programmes and youth work projects. The sub-projects cover a variety of fields and activities: therapeutic day groups, flexible and out-patient counseling for families, groups supporting youths in becoming independent, regular support groups, crisis centres, centres for finding situation-specific solutions and help, groups for re-integration of children and youths into family structures, projects for mothers, fathers, and their children, day care facilities, youth education projects and supervised living facilities for youths.

The Kinderhaus cares for children starting from their first year of life. Only children and youths that clearly articulate their wish to live in the Kinderhaus are offered residential places. Depending on the respectice educational concepts, the staff works in teams consisting of social workers, educators and psychologists, assisted by support staff, volunteers and interns.

The Kinderhaus aims at offering flexible programmes and projects that puts the individual clients in the centre of their work. The projects have to adapt to the needs of the young people and not vice versa. The Kinderhaus follows a perspective that looks at the children and youths under their care in their entirety, and which includes their respective social backgrounds and social networks into their educational and therapeutic approaches. The Kinderhaus follows a concept of “Lebenswelt”, or “spheres of life”. Culture, arts and physical acticities are considered equally to academic education and social learning. The participation of the children and youths in the participatory committees of the Kinderhaus (according to their age and abilities) is also encouraged. The children under their care are not seen as victims but as young people that temporarily or for a longer period of time want and/or need some help in order to help themselves.

The Kinderhaus is based on democratic decision-making processes. All children, youths and adults living in group homes /residential facilities and all staff members of the Kinderhaus can participate in decisions concerning the association as a a whole and/or the sub-projects, through different committees and participatory mechanisms.

The “Familienintegratives Projekt SindBad 63” is a sub-project of the Kinderhaus association. “SindBad 63” is a residential group home for children from age 0 who cannot safely live in their current family situation. The parents have the possibility to be present around the clock, which makes intensive family counselling and pedagogical support for all involved family members possible. The aim of “Sindbad 63” is the maintenance of the individual family system and supporting the return of the children into their parents’ home.

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