Sjálfboðaverkefni í Sviss.

AUS er með 3 verkefni á fullum EVS styrk. Þar sem allt er innifalið, húsnæði, matur, tryggingar, vasapeningur tungumálakennsla, flugstyrkur og svo margt margt fleira!

Hver sem er á aldrinum 18-30 ára getur sótt um.

Lesa má um verkefnin og móttökusamtök hér að neðan.

General information concerning the EVS program in Switzerland

  • This project would be granted from the Swiss government (not the EU) because Switzerland is officially no more a full member of Erasmus+.
  • Volunteers will live in the project. The candidates should be motivated to share the life of other volunteers and the community of the project and live an intercultural exchange with them.
  • The contributions for international travel costs are CHF 400.
  • Volunteers will be insured through the ICYE group insurance
  • The volunteer will receive a pocket money of CHF 300 per month (about 275 EUR)
  • The volunteers will work about 32 hours a week.
  • Duration of the EVS is 8/9 months
  • Instead of a YouthPass, Volunteers will receive a certificate fill in by ICYE Switzerland and the hosting organization


14 November 2018 


Location: L’ancienne gare du Creux-des-Biches, Le Noirmont, (French speaking area)

Activity duration: 9 months (1 Apr 2019 – 31 Dec 2019)

Requirement: Basic knowledge of French and motivation to work outside. Like nature, farm environment, meditation activities.

L’ancienne Gare du Creux-des-Biches is a little open-minded community in the great landscape of the Jura mountains in the west of Switzerland. It is situated in an old train station surrounded by meadows and forests with free running horses in the summertime. L’ancienne Gare du Creux-des-Biches is running a center of permaculture and a guesthouse offering seminars and workshops about ecological and spiritual growth. The community is living with chicken, ducks, cats and four wonderful horses which are the best trainers in personal development. It has also a place for meditation or yoga.

The community consists of 2 fix staff working and living in the project as well as 2-5 short and long-term Swiss and international volunteers. This project is in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Staff and volunteers try to speak French as much as possible – but as it is a multicultural place they also speak many different languages.

In the project, volunteers can learn about permaculture, house maintenance, cooking, horses and other animals, harvesting healing herbs and transform them into health products and herbal teas.

At L’ancienne Gare du Creux-des-Biches, the tasks of the volunteer will be:

  • Gardening (permaculture)
  • Animal care (horses, cats, ducks)
  • Preparing natural products with flowers, herbs, fruits, vegetables
  • Cooking and baking
  • Supporting cultural (concerts, etc), ecological (permaculture) and spiritual (yoga, meditation) events
  • Maintenance of the guesthouse and taking care of guests

The volunteer will have his/her own bedroom and will share the bathroom and kitchen with the other members of the project. The food is mainly vegetarian.

Location: Synergy Village, Feldbach (German speaking area)

Activity duration: 9 months (1 Apr 2019 – 31 Dec 2019)

Requirement: Interest in working outside and basic German knowledge.

Synergy Village is an organization run by a group of family and friends. It’s situated on a centuries-old property, which was used as a traditional farm back in the days. It’s a beautiful place with a magic grotto, idyllic gardens, green farmland, and old traditional houses. Also, a private spot at the Lake of Zurich is part of the property.

The aim of Synergy Village is to make the place accessible to visitors and to use the space for cultural, social and sustainable activities. As the name Synergy Village indicates, many of the activities are based on the principle of “creating synergies” or simply understood as the idea of “give and take”. As an example, volunteers help the project with their work and knowledge, while they have the opportunity to learn new things, develop their own ideas, immerse into a new society and meet people from all around the world.

In addition, the village is a meeting place for people from all around the world. In the summer, the main house is run as a guesthouse for international visitors and larger groups. From autumn to spring, all the rooms are rented out to long-term tenants. The house has then the feeling of a shared housing community. The principle of Synergy Village is that everyone who visits is part of the community that is always set up by the current visitors (guests and volunteers).

Furthermore, Synergy Village rents out spaces in the barn for events of all kinds such as cultural, social and creative events, workshops, corporate or private events. In addition, Synergy Village also organizes its own events for the public, such as a yearly open day. For 2019, it is planned to open a small café for visitors.

The organization Synergy Village consists of 4 board members and a number of active members who regularly help on the property.

Volunteers have many opportunities to get involved:

  • Help with accommodating visitors and guests (guesthouse, events, café)
  • Outdoor maintenance, depending on the season
  • Cleaning and guesthouse preparation
  • Gardening (vegetables and flowers)
  • Landscape gardening
  • Creative and decoration work
  • Help with renovations
  • Cooking and baking

Synergy Village aims to be a “Place of Inspiration” where people can be creative, try new things and learn from each other. Therefore, volunteers are encouraged to bring in their own ideas and work on their own project, besides the daily tasks.

Volunteers stay in a shared room for 2 volunteers. The food is mainly vegetarian. There are two friendly cats on the property that also stay in the house.

Location: Centre la Maison de Paille, Epiquerez (French speaking area)

Activity duration: 8 months (1 Apr 2019 – 30 of Nov 2019)

Requirement: Basic knowledge of French and motivation to work outside. Like nature, farm environment, meditation and spiritual activities.

“Centre la Maison de Paille” (the straw-bale house) is located in a farm area in the Swiss canton Jura. It fosters a sustainable organic and ecological way of producing food and hosts courses and seminars on health, well-being, spirituality, education, and permaculture with the aim of fostering a bigger and deeper awareness of the changes that need to be done in order to live sustainably on the planet. In summer, the tipi village is also hosting workshops: bow building, wild basketry and rope handicraft with material from the forest nearby with simple tools. The Centre conveys the possibility of experimenting and concretely live out ecological alternatives to modern society. It aims at being self-sufficient (production of vegetables, fruits, bread, cheese, natural products, heating with wood, etc.)

Generally, the community consists of 1 fix staff, 5-6 Swiss long-term volunteers (youngsters, adults sometimes accompanied by their children) and 1-2 short-term international volunteers living in the project. In the project, many young and international people already volunteered and by directly using their hands and intellect learned how to live in a more sustainable way.

The objectives of the project for the EVS volunteers are to give an alternative and concrete way of non-formal learning through its many and diverse activities.

At the “Centre la Maison de Paille”, the tasks of the volunteer will be:

  • Collaboration with staff and volunteers in a collective lifestyle
  • Working in the vegetables and fruits gardens (permaculture)
  • Ecological building (development of the straw-bale house)
  • Cooking, preparing natural products (marmalade, etc.), backing bred
  • Supporting educational and spiritual events
  • Indoor and outdoor maintenance

The volunteer will have his/her own bedroom and will share the bathroom and kitchen with the other members of the Center. The food is mainly vegetarian.


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