run by the Red Cross in Iceland


Vin is an open house for people with mental disabilities, run by the Red Cross of Reykjavík Iceland, and located in downtown Reykjavík.  The aim of the project is to socially integrate otherwise isolated people struggling with mental health issues (hereafter called guests), to help them change their routines and add something extra to their lives.  This project gives them the possibility to have something interesting to do during the day, like playing chess, practising Qi gong, taking short walks, visiting events, performing arts, assisting in the kitchen, taking English lessons etc. 

Concerning practical facilities, the guests can have breakfast in the morning, and there is a main meal at lunch time for those who want to join in.  The guests can also use the shower and the washing machine.  If they like, they can rest in one of the three beds that are in two separate bedrooms.

Tasks at the project:

The ESC volunteer´s role within this project will be to help the staff with everyday tasks, spend time with and connect to the guests and take part in activities with them. He/she will be encouraged to come up with his/her own ideas of activities to do at VIN, and to implement them with the approval and support of the staff.

Everyday tasks at VIN:

  • Preparing coffee and tea in the mornings, then helping out as needed throughout the day
  • Watering the flowers indoors and outdoors (when needed)
  • Interacting with the guests of Vin throughout the day
  • Helping the staff with various everyday activities, such as making sure that the house is clean and ready to welcome the guests
  • Participate in going for a walk in the neighborhood with staff member and group of guests; going to museums, coffee houses or other interesting places or simply taking a walk with guests
  • Prepare for and help with cooking lunch

The volunteer’s contribution through his/her ideas, initiatives and interests are very well appreciated. The volunteer is never solely responsible in the project and will always work together with another staff member or volunteer.

Volunteer's profile:

The volunteer should: 

  • Have good communication skills
  • Be patient, empathetic, curious, trustworthy and open-minded
  • Be able to work both independently and as part of a team
  • Be willing to help with hands-on tasks such as shopping, cooking, cleaning up, and keeping the house tidy
  • be open to sharing some of his/her culture with the guests
  • be willing to learn new things, but also to take initiative

An interest in Icelandic culture and traditions is a plus. It is also an advantage if the volunteer will be willing to learn basic Icelandic in order to make communication with the guests easier.


To apply, send your CV and Motivation Letter for joining the project to


Help us by using the following subject in your email: 

ESC Application – VIN 2020-2021


Applications that don’t mention the name of the project in the email’s subject OR are sent after the deadline – 5 June 2020 – might not be considered.