Refugee Support Project

run by the Red Cross in Iceland


The volunteer will work in the Social Support part of the Refugee Programme. Within the Social support are two main projects:

  • Open House – where refugees and other immigrants seek information and practical assistance; and
  • Refugee Guide Project – where refugees are paired with Icelandic volunteers for assistance throughout a 6 month period.

There are also other activity programs going on to avoid social exclusion, give refugees positive experience of their stay in Iceland along with starting mutual integration right from the beginning.

Within the programme there are fixed weekly activities. Fixed activities take place twice per week in the Capital area. Other activities take place 1-2 times per week. Examples of other activities are cultural seminars and a swap market for children’s clothes.

The main role of an ESC volunteer will be planning and running the Open house alongside the project manager and directing people from the Open House into the Refugee Guide Project and other projects. The volunteer’s contribution through his/her ideas, initiatives and interests are very well appreciated. The volunteer is never solely responsible in the project and will always work together with another staff member or volunteer.

The aim of the project is to work towards mutual integration, reduce social isolation and offer a platform for refugees to meet, connect, ask questions, socialize and learn about Icelandic society and culture.

Tasks at the project:

  • Help in the planning and running of the Open House, held 2x/week
  • Take part in planning and running of monthly swap-market for children (on a Saturday)
  • Take part in planning and running monthly cultural seminars for refugees (“Welcome to Iceland”)
  • Direct people from the Open House into the Refugee Guide and other projects
  • Assist project managers with follow up on participants in Refugee Guide Project
  • Be in regular contact with the group and project manager regarding Open house (i.e. answer emails and register participation online)
  • Attend a regular planning meeting.
  • Schedule and announce Open house events
  • Provide training and information on various issues to other volunteers
  • Encourage volunteers to attend Red Cross courses and other meetings concerning refugee issues
  • To facilitate a communication network between volunteers

Other requirements:

  • Social events programs (Open House) are currently held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons in Reykjavík
  • Volunteers will to attend information-sharing meetings, as well as an Immigration course for volunteers who work with immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers, Psychosocial Support course offered by the Red Cross during their first two months as a volunteer and a First Aid course in their first year.

Volunteer's profile:

The volunteer should:      

  • have good communication and organizational skills
  • be able to perform well under pressure
  • have a strong interest in the field of migration
  • be open to working with people of various backgrounds, showing patience and empathy
  • be fluent in English. Knowledge of any other language is an advantage
  • have basic computer skills


To apply, send your CV and Motivation Letter for joining the project to


Help us by using the following subject in your email: 

ESC Application – Refugee Support Project 2020-2021


Applications that don’t mention the name of the project in the email’s subject OR are sent after the deadline – 5 June 2020 – might not be considered.