Humans of AUS Iceland – Holiday special

We are starting our new blog “Humans of AUS Iceland” about both Icelandic volunteers abroad and international volunteers here in Iceland. The main goal is to get to know our volunteers better through their daily lives, both outside and at work.

This month´s theme is ” The Holiday Season” and we are happy to present you our first volunteer. More to come soon on our website and here…stay tuned!!!

Magdalena, 25-year-old from Poland, volunteers in Handverkstæðið Ásgarður in Mosfellsbær. She told us about the Christmas traditions in Poland:

“In Poland the most important day of Christmas is Christmas Eve, 24th December, when all the family gathers together and eats traditional Christmas supper. The supper starts when the first star can be seen on the sky, which is to remember the Bethlehem Star. Usually kids can be seen standing in the windows, waiting for the first star. So just imagine how frustrating it can be when the sky is cloudy!
In many houses there’s an extra empty plate put on the table, in case of an unexpected guest come. We believe nobody should feel lonely this evening. Christmas Eve dishes vary among regions, but there should be twelve of them and one should try every dish to stay healthy and happy in the following year. After the supper there is time to unpack the presents, that are put under the Christmas tree.”