AUS in cooperation with INEX-SDA

AUS is currently collaborating with Czech voluntary organization INEX – SDA in an international project Synergy Effect of Volunteering-building civil society by connecting NGOs, municipalities, communities, running  from 1. 4. 2015 till 31. 3. 2016.

Activities within the project:
•Volunteering Caravan (06-08/2015): in five locations we will organize regional networking meeting of municipalities, NGOs and public accompanied by photo-exhibition of voluntary activities. Concurrently there will thematic workshops related to the European Year of Development 2015 taking place.
•Training module and manual for volunteers: Organize a workcamp in your city (10/2015-02/2016): opportunity for 20 volunteers to gain unique knowledge, skills and support from a mentor to prepare and organize your own project.
•Collaboration and know-how exchange with Iceland organization AUS.
•National-level meeting about international volunteering (11/2015): platform for discussion and partnership building, space for ideas and best practise sharing.
•Capacity building of INEX-SDA in the areas of PR, staff management and strategic planning.

Places/dates/opportunities where and how to participate in project activities will be published in INEX news, in the DoK – Club of Volunteers calendar and on the page Caravan.

Project manager responsible for implementation: Dagmar Fousková,

Project manager responsible for project on behalf of AUS: Þórdís H. Guðmundsdóttir, email:

Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants.

Milos, Aus

Humans of AUS Iceland – Holiday Special – Part 3, Milos from Serbia

Our Humans of AUS Iceland – Holiday Special, is on a roll 🙂 This time we interviewed one of our own here in the office. Read more

Elisaeth, AUS, Germany

Humans of AUS Iceland – Holiday Special 2, Elisabeth from Germany

We continue with our blog; “Humans of AUS Iceland – Holiday special”, where we ask our volunteers working in Iceland about their holiday traditions.

Elisabeth is a 19-year-old volunteer at Waldorf kindergarten in Reykjavík. We asked her how Christmas are like at home.

“The part of Germany I come from is sometimes called the “Christmasland” because it is a big tradition to have special light-bows in every window, which are called “Schwibbogen”, also we have Christmas markets everywhere and decorate our houses a lot in a traditional fashion. On the 24th my mum,dad, sister and I start the day with having breakfast together. We usually watch “Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel” on TV, which was filmed in 1973 and is broadcasted anually on Christmas. In the afternoon we’re having “Stollen”, a cake that also has it’s origins in my region and is only eaten in december. Actually you can buy Stollen even in Reykjavík, though it’s probably not as good.”



Humans of AUS Iceland – Holiday special

We are starting our new blog “Humans of AUS Iceland” about both Icelandic volunteers abroad and international volunteers here in Iceland. The main goal is to get to know our volunteers better through their daily lives, both outside and at work.

This month´s theme is ” The Holiday Season” and we are happy to present you our first volunteer. More to come soon on our website and here…stay tuned!!! Read more